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Title: Haseeb's Application   **Username:** Haseeb97   **Age:** 22 **Country:** United Kingdom   **Timezone:** BST   **About me:** (Write a short summary about yourself, your interests and what makes you unique) Hi, my name is Haseeb, I like cats, cars and gaming. I have 2 cats and 2 cars, please follow my cat instagram here  I'm also sick at cod so hit me up for some warzone fellas.     **Experience:** (Do you have experience with being a staff member, helper, moderator, etc? Please elaborate.) I would like to apply for the supermod role. I was a supermod on Cryptcraft from around 2012ish to when it died off many years later and was also involved in the many reboots it has had over the years. I learned a lot of skills including all the basic tools such as world edit, world guard, grief prevention flags, multiple xray plugins such as rateofxray and how to correctly observe potential cheaters and what signs to look for. It's also very important as a moderator that you are not abusing your powers and are treating players fairly and justly and this is something you gain with experience. I was involved in many different projects over the years involving helping creating an automated hunger games before any such plugins were available using only world guard and world edit. I  ran many different events such as build battles and pvp tournaments to name a few which really helped keep the server active and keep the playerbase interactive so they do not lose internet during the quiet periods. I also successfully set up my own server as a bit of a fun project with all the necessary plugins set up correctly. This allowed me to gain a good insight into how a server operates and more of the admin side of things.  Heres a video of my helping someone destroy cryptcraft just before the map was about to reset. Good times. **Reason:** (Why are you applying?)  It's been a while since i've played and i'm looking to get back into no lifing minecraft, I want to help this server succeed and reach its potential with such an amazing team that I will only add to with my daddy af skills and knowledge. I want to help run events in the server and help build different projects to keep the server fun, engaging and entertaining for everyone involved, including the staff team. Also I feel my timezone will help as I can be around when most american staff are asleep. I also say also quite a lot.   **Additional comments:** (Any other further comments or questions you may have can go here, optional) Message me on discord (You can find me in the server) if you require any further information and I will be more than happy to provide this :)   Thank you.  
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